Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide Weeks 1-4 Review

First let me start off by telling you how much I’m LOVING this workout guide! It’s always changing, and is never boring.

I was really excited to start Week 1 of the actual work out after finishing the pre-training. I looked at the exercises ahead of time, and thought to myself, “That looks easy! I’ve already done all of these exercises!” Boy was I wrong. The difference is that during the pre-training, for example, an arms and abs workout, the exercises alternate between arms and abs, giving each section a rest before the next exercise. Well, the real training looks easy, but it’s so much harder because it doesn’t alternate! We’re talking Circuit 1: ARMS ARMS ARMS ARMS! Circuit 2: ABS ABS ABS ABS!! And then repeat!

The exercises themselves also get harder. I’m going to go out on a limb and say that the exercise I dread the most, is the jump lunges. They’re terrible! I found that the exercises in Weeks 1-4 are very similar to those in the pre-training, but rev’d up a little to make them harder. Higher number of reps, adding weights or jumps to squats and lunges, and of course, the constant assault of the same muscle group over and over!

By the end of Week 4, I was in a total groove. I was looking forward to my workouts. I suffered through some, and breezed through others, and how well I do seems to be totally random. I can look at a workout before-hand and think to myself, “Easy!” and then struggle through it cursing Kayla. And other workouts look so hard, but then I just smash them out like they’re nothing! I’ve yet to figure out what the contributing factor is to a great workout, but when I do, I’ll share!

Right, on to the fun stuff, results! As I’ve mentioned in previous blog posts, I haven’t been following Kayla’s HELP guide (it’s a meal/ nutrition plan). In fact, I’ve been eating pretty much whatever I’ve wanted, so I’m not surprised to see that my weight has remained the same. My pictures however, tell another story. The top row was taken at the beginning of Week 1, and the bottom row was taken at the end of Week 4. The lighting is different in the pictures, but one definite change is the gap between my knees in the first pictures for before and after.

BBG Weeks 1-4 Progress Before and After

BBG Weeks 1-4 Before and After Picture

Considering I’ve continued to eat what I want, I’m extremely happy with my results! I can only imagine how great the results would have been if I’d been following Kayla’s HELP Guide. I’m now on Week 6, and will likely continue through to Week 8 making an effort to eat healthier, but I plan to follow the HELP Guide for Weeks 9-12 and we’ll see the difference it makes!

Stay tuned for my review of Weeks 5-8 with more pictures, due out in about 3 weeks!

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