A Quick Thank You to My Workout Buddy!

I always knew that working out with a buddy helped me push a little harder, but today reminded me just how much better I do with a friend. I try to work out with a good friend of mine as often as we can. We push each other through our workouts, motivate each other when we can see the other one struggling, and even just knowing someone else is there watching makes me push harder!

We tell each other about people that have made us angry and channel that anger into our workout. We dream about how great we’ll look in a few months’ time, and make plans for what we’ll do when that time comes. We share healthy recipes and snack ideas to keep each other’s menus exciting. And working out with a buddy means we get to complain to each other about how sore we are the day after!

Today though I worked out on my own, and I could just feel that I wasn’t pushing as hard as I normally do. I still did the whole workout, but I cut one circuit short by a minute, and by the end of my workout, I didn’t feel as though I’d given it everything.

So I want to say a BIG THANK YOU to one of my best friends and workout buddies today! You push me hard and keep me motivated and together we’ll conquer this challenge!


 This is us after one of our first workouts together!


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