Frank Body Scrub Review After One Use

This weekend I tried Frank Body Scrub for the first time! A friend bought the coconut one for me, and it’s absolutely beautiful! It’s basically coffee granules with tiny coconut flakes and coconut oil in it. You can imagine how good it smells!

So what you do is get wet in the shower, rub the body scrub all over yourself (I used about 1-2 tbsp.), let it dry for a few minutes, and then rinse it off. The course coffee buffs off dead skin, the caffeine in the coffee tightens your skin to hide cellulite and other extra bumps, and the coconut oil and oil in the coffee makes your skin beautifully smooth.


After my first use of Frank my skin was so smooth… like, I couldn’t stop touching myself! Even days later, it’s still much smoother than it was before. The skin on my chest has lots of imperfections because my pet bird’s claws leave lots of marks, so I was interested in the difference Frank would make to it. See my before and after pictures below after just one use of Frank!


The skin in my after picture is a little red, but that’s because I rubbed pretty hard, and this picture was taken immediately afterward. I think the difference is great! Plus my whole body felt silky smooth, and I smelt like a tropical holiday!

Stay tuned for a before and after review with pictures after one month of use! Let’s see how much of a difference one whole month can make!

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