Guilt Free Game Night Snacks

Below are some great ideas for guilt free game night snacks! Twists on the traditional game night snacks to make them healthier. I’ve tried each of the recipes, and the pictures are of what I made, so you know they’re easy!

Buffalo Chicken Skewers


Use your favorite wing sauce, but by putting it on chicken breast skewers, you’re saving yourself from eating the fatty skin. BBQ these and as they cook, continue to brush your sauce on. These were really yummy!

Chili Lime Prawns


Make a marinade of chili and lime juice and coat your peeled prawns in it. Then BBQ and serve. Good on skewers. These are pretty straight forward, but make sure you serve them as soon as they come off the BBQ, they cool down quickly.

Stuffed Jalapenos


Jalapenos sliced in half. Stuff with feta and spinach and top with a little bit of mozzarella cheese and either bake or grill on the BBQ. Use these cheese because they are low in fat than others. I was a little worried that these would be too spicy for me, but they were great! Cooking the jalapenos takes some of the heat out, plus the dairy in the cheese helps act as a base, so they’re not as spicy.

Cauliflower Crust Pizza


Blend ½ a large cauliflower in your food processor. Put it in a bowl and microwave for 10 minutes. Then put it in a tea towel and ring out as much of the moisture as you can. Then mix in an egg, 20g of parmesan, and any herbs you want. Press it down onto your baking tray into a pizza shape (Make sure you use greased baking paper. My pizza stuck to the baking paper), and top with fresh healthy ingredients, chicken, spinach, feta, etc. I used feta, spinach, tomato paste, and parmesan. I was skeptical about this one, but it turned out better than I could have imagined! It was like eating real pizza! So yummy!

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