Daily Happiness Changes

Life is busy. Like, really busy. Your kids, job, family, and friends all take up your time, and why shouldn’t they? They’re important and deserve your attention. But you also deserve your attention.

It’s so easy to answer, “I don’t have time for that” when someone suggests you take up yoga, or traveling. And that’s because it’s true! I honestly don’t have time! Day to day, I’m in the office 9 hours and I’ve got a total of 3 hours commute time. That means I’m consumed with work 12 hours a day, 5 days a week. Add in to that cooking dinner and preparing lunches, cleaning up, and taking care of the pets, I hardly even have enough time to do my workouts and get adequate sleep!

I would love the take up yoga, or meditate every night, or go for evening walks, or do ANYTHING but the daily routine, but, “I don’t have time for that”.

There are, however, things you can do that take minimal time, or kill two birds with one stone, that can bring a little bit of extra happiness into your life, and help you to take care of you.


Eat your lunch outside. The fresh air and sunlight will re-energize you for the second half of your day. I know I can’t help but smile when I sit down in the sun for 30 minutes for lunch. Try not to play with your phone, just sit, eat, listen to the sounds, smell the air, watch the people, relax.

Drink your tea or coffee out of a special mug. A pretty mug, or something that makes you smile, will brighten up your mood when you look at it.

Take a few minutes to just be thoughtless. I don’t mean go out and be a jerk, I mean clear your mind of all thoughts. It’s hard to do, and will take some practice, but it’s a great way to re-set your mind if you become overwhelmed, or just a great way to feel calm. And the best part is, you can do this anywhere. While you’re sitting on the train or toilet, laying in bed, or with a cup of tea. Just don’t do it while you’re in a meeting with the boss, or driving, they’re probably bad places to turn your brain off.

Try incorporating these 3 small changes into your life. These things all brighten my day, and make me feel more nurtured, even if it’s by myself.

x Laura

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