Christmas Shopping Do’s and Don’ts

If you’re organised and prepared this year, your Christmas shopping is already done. If you’re more like me, and just haven’t gotten to it yet, you may not have even started it. Below are the Do’s and Don’ts, some relating to fitness, and some relating to any shopping trip!

Do get a nice refreshing drink to keep you hydrated. Try some water, sugar free bubble tea, hot tea.

bubble tea
Do have a healthy light lunch like salad. It will prevent you from getting bloated, sluggish, and tired.
Do go shopping when you’re well rested and have a whole day to shop. It’s going to be busy, there’s no such thing as “Just gabbing a few things and I’m out” this time of year.
Do wear your fitness tracker. You’ll be amazed at how far you actually walk while shopping.
Don’t carry your whole day’s shopping. If you’re planning to buy a lot, take a trip or two to the car to unload some bags. This will make the rest of your trip much more enjoyable.

Don’t let the screaming kids get to you. Go in to this knowing that there will be screaming kids in the mall. Knowing it’ll happen makes it easier to handle.

screaming kids
Do remember to get your parking validated. Some malls charge for parking, and some that do, offer validation if you spend over a certain amount. Keep all of your receipts for the day.
Do have a snack in your bag. Some almonds, or a piece of fruit will fill your tummy and give you a burst of energy when you’re starting to feel hangry. And we all know, hangry and shopping do not mix well.


shopping bags

Happy Shopping!!

x Laura

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