Staying Strong During the Holidays

Tis the season to eat. And eat and eat. And then feel guilty. Well, not this year! These four simple tricks will help keep you on track and guilt free over the holidays.

1. Bring a healthy dessert to functions. If you’re at a function, you’ll want to eat something, so why not being something you and others can eat guilt free. Stop at a health bar and pick up some raw cakes, or make something in advance. You’ll get to eat guilt free, and the host will be grateful that you brought something.

Raw Cake. Image from

2. Keep yourself satisfied with yummy healthy meals so you’re not tempted by other food on offer. Keep snacks in your bag, and eat your meals on time. This will prevent you from getting hungry and devouring the Christmas Morning Tea at work.

3. Keep your goals in sight. This could mean posting motivational pictures or quotes on your fridge or as a screen saver, or counting down to an upcoming event that you want to look good for. Having your goals staring you in the face will make them much harder to ignore.


4. If you feel you need to, pick one or two days over the holidays to treat yourself, let say Christmas and New Years Eve. Having a cheat day or two planned will help you keep on track until then, and will also help to give you the mind from of “I had my cheat day, now I’m back into healthy” instead of “Well I totally blew it, I might as well just eat what I want until the new year”.

Merry Christmas!

x Laura

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