Getting Back on the Weight Loss Wagon After an Extended Hiatus

One of the hardest things I find with the weight loss battle is finding the motivation to start again after falling off the wagon. My last blog post was 2 months ago now, and that’s about the time I fell off the wagon.

The first couple of days are always the same. You say to yourself, What’s one more day going to do? Before I start again, I better eat everything to get those cravings out of my system. Before you know it, a few weeks have passed, you’re eating everything and anything, and you’re not exercising.

Then you become comfortable, and you stop thinking I’ll get back into it in a few days, and start thinking Hmm, remember when I would have eaten just one square of chocolate and felt guilty, while you stuff an entire block in your mouth. Of course this thought gets quickly pushed from the mind so you can enjoy the rest of your snack without starting to feel nauseous.

2016-03-02 15.51.23.png

This is where I was about a week ago. Then, out of curiosity, I stepped on the scales, and was blown away! I’d put on 7kg  (15lbs) in just those two months. Oh god, now it’s really time to get back into it!

Well, today marks day 7 of “getting back into it”. I thought about the things that I’ve struggled with previously, and thought about how to combat them this time around. My biggest issue has always been healthy eating. I go okay for a week or so, but then my cravings start hitting, and the inconvenience of having to cook and prepare all that food starts to weigh me down.

My solution – Lite N Easy. For those of  you who don’t know, Lite N Easy is an Australian company that prepares all of your food to your selected calorie level, and delivers it to your house weekly. This is perfect for me, the food is already ready, all I have to do is heat it up. It’s calorie controlled, so as long as I stick to what they send me, I know I’m only eating 1200 calories a day, and it comes straight to my house.

Now that I’ve been eating a healthy, calorie controlled diet for a week, it’s time to start incorporating some exercise. I love the Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide, but I feel like I need something different just to kick start me. So, I’ve developed my own 30 day challenge, which is compiled of 4 separate 30 day challenges: Squats, Push-ups, Plank, and Running. After these 30 days I’ll re-assess what exercise routine I’d like to continue with and go from there.

And the last step in my plan to get back on the wagon and stay motivated, is to post more fitness related pictures on my Instagram account, and post more here, on my blog!

I’m back ladies and gents!

x Laura


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