You CAN Do It, You Just Forgot! – Pushing Yourself

Last night I discovered something about myself – I can run 1.6km with no breaks. I haven’t done this in 8 years, and I didn’t think I had it in me, but I do!

When I was younger, 16-18, physical activity just had to be done. I was actively involved in the Royal Canadian Sea Cadets, which, among other extraordinary activities and experiences, physical fitness tests were required. There was no whining or complaining, no excuses why I couldn’t do the work, and certainly no quitting half way. I just did it. It didn’t matter how much it hurt, or how tired I was, I just did it, no questions.

2016-03-03 08.14.44

There was even one instance when I had to run 5km, but had forgotten about it, and had eaten a huge creamy seafood pasta dinner (yum!) just hours before hand. Of course when I arrived at Cadets that night and remembered about the run I thought , Oh dear, I wish I hadn’t eaten that. But the thought of not participating didn’t even cross my mind, because it just wasn’t an option for myself. Well, I ran about 4.5km, stopped, vomited up my dinner (… not so yummy that time around) and then ran the last 500m! Even running till I vomited didn’t stop me from continuing! There was no excuse, these things just had to be done, no matter what it took!

2016-03-03 08.15.28

These days however, it’s too easy to make excuses. – I’m feeling a little under the weather, I should probably rest. – I had to stop a couple times on the way home, and that ate up my workout time. – It hurts too much, I’m stopping. None of these things would have stopped me in the past, but I let them stop me now.

Well, no more! Like I said, last night I ran 1.6km without stopping even once! There were times that it started to hurt, the air was hot and humid and it was hard to breath, but I just pushed on. I thought about how I used to be unstoppable, and how there’s no reason for me to be stoppable now. And it worked!

2016-03-03 08.16.13

I felt so proud at the end. I felt like I’d opened up a doorway that I’d closed years ago. I can do it, I can be unstoppable, all I have to do is keep going. And so can you. Be Unstoppable.

x Laura


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