Orchid From Paradise – My Favourite Hand Cream

I’ve been signed up to receive the Lust Have It box in Australia for 3 months now, and received in my first box was this amazing hand cream!

I never thought I’d be one to rave about hand cream, because every one I’ve ever tried was exactly the same as the last. However, that all changed when I received this amazing hand cream! It’s full title is Orchid from Paradise – Cherry Blossom Hand Therapy, and I have to say, I’ve never been so excited about hand cream before!

The cream’s consistency is thicker than other creams I’ve used. It’s more like a paste, but it absorbs into my hands beautifully, leaving them feeling silkier than ever before! This 40ml bottle is the perfect size to sit in your handbag, and has lasted me for 3 months so far, with nearly half the bottle still left! The Botanical Extracts and Essential Oils in it give it a delicate and beautiful fragrance, leaving your hands smelling divine. With a recommended retail price of only $15, this cream is affordable and just all around amazing.


So, if you ever stumble across this little tube of heaven in the shop, be sure to pick one up for yourself!

x Laura


3 thoughts on “Orchid From Paradise – My Favourite Hand Cream”

      1. Hi! Laura Good day. I hav been looking for these product whereabouts to buy.
        Please let me know as I really loved it.
        Thanks heaps.

        X Belinda


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