Menu Hacks For Eating Healthy at Restaurants

It always happens, you start a diet, you’re going great and feeling motivated, and then for one reason or another, you have to eat out. This doesn’t mean you have to have the biggest greasiest cheeseburger on the menu! Here are some menu items and hacks to look out for to keep yourself on track!

Salad is the most known diet food. If you’re worried about being left hungry, beef it up with some meat.


Any meat that’s not battered or crumbed is a great choice! Chicken breast, steak, or fish are common menu items, and can be ordered almost everywhere. Swap out your fries for salad or extra veggies! And be wary of sauces filled with sugar! A red wine jus has about half the calories as regular gravy.


Want to feel like royalty? Order a seafood platter! That is of course if it’s not all crumbed or battered! We’re talking crab, fresh oysters, prawns, muscles, smoked salmon, fish fillets, and maybe even a side salad! Instead of adding sauce, just squeeze a lemon over the lot!


Instead of drinking 3 or 4 glasses of sugary drink, start with lemon water. Try having one nice drink with your meal, and just water before and after. A lot of people forget about all the sugar in drinks, and it adds up quickly.


If you’re having dessert, consider stopping in at a raw health bar. This will give time for your dinner to go down, and you’ll get a much healthier treat than in the restaurant. But if you have to eat dessert at the restaurant, go for a fruit platter or sorbet.


x Laura

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