Micellar Water vs Facial Wipes

For the last 7 years, I’ve been using the Cosmetics Plus Facial Wipes to clean my face every day. At a super cheap $2 per packet, I had a hard time justifying buying any other type of cleanser or wipe because they were so expensive, and I was a poor university student. Thanks to the Australian monthly beauty box Lust Have It, I’ve been introduced to Micellar Water, and I’m in love!


Using the micellar water on a cotton ball or pad, I feel my face is much cleaner and fresher than after using one of the wipes. So, I decided to do a quick comparison. With no makeup on, but a day’s worth of dirt, I cleaned my entire face and neck using one wipe. After my face was dry, I cleaned my face again using the micellar water. As you can see, the micellar water not only picked up dirt that the wipe missed, but it’s even DIRTIER than the wipe!  This proved it for me. The micellar water definitely gives me a better clean!

2016-03-15 09.01.41.jpg


The brand I’m using, Unani, has a RRP of $22.50 for 200ml. Let be generous, and say that I use 5ml to clean my face. That means this bottle will give me 2 cleans a day for 20 days, working out to be only $0.56 per clean, compared to the $2 pack of 25 wipes, which will clean my face twice a day for 12.5 days, at  $0.08 per clean.


So, no doubt about it, the face wipes are much cheaper, but the micellar water cleans much better. Even with the higher price tag though, I have to say I’m a huge fan of the micellar water, and plan to use this product for a long time. That is until another product comes along and knocks my socks off again!

x Laura

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