Diary of a Bikini Body Guide Warrior

After completing the Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide, I’ve taken a few months off. I’ve still been doing other exercise, but not as intense. Yesterday was the day that I started it all again, from the beginning of the Pre Training! If you’re looking for more information on the guide, you can check out my guide reviews for the Pre Training, Weeks 1-4, Weeks 5-8, and my Overall Guide Review. Well, here’s a little internal dialogue from last night’s workout!

Pre Training – Week 1 – Monday – Legs and Cardio

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Warm Up

0:00 Okay, 10 minutes of walking, no problem.

5:00 hmmm, why are my legs hurting so much? I’ve been running this last month, and now I can’t even walk without hurting?

6:00 Oh god, why is this hurting so much?! I thought you were gone shin splints! Try running, that’ll give them a little break.

7:30 Okay, walking again. This is just the warm up, I really don’t want to tire myself out before the workout.

8:30 Why?! WHY does this hurt so much?! Running again. Just finish running.

10:00 Okay, done that. I can’t believe I can’t even walk for 10 measly minutes! At least with the running it boosted my distance.


Round 1 – Circuit 1

0:30 Right, just finished my squats, time for lunges. I can feel it, but it’s not bad

1:00 Skipping, easy!

3:10 Okay, just a few more step ups. Man these get me out of breath! My legs aren’t hurting too bad though.

3:30 Woo hoo! Second time around! I can definitely feel it, but it’s SO much easier than the first time I ever did this!

6:15 Yea Bitch! Third time around!! Woo I feel great!



7:00 Ahh, break time. Sit for a minute, drink some water, wipe my sweat away, oh time to go again!


Round 1 – Circuit 2

8:15 Walking lunges. I don’t even want to think about how many of these I’ve already done the last time I did this guide.

9:00 Sumo squats feel so weird. I hope the neighbours can’t see me right now.

11:20 Okay, knees ups done, time for the mountain climbers! Hope I can get these done before the dog jumps on me!

12:00 Sweet, done! Start this circuit again!

14:30 Okay, 30 seconds left, quick, smash out these super weird sumo squats!



15:00 Drink, wipe, breath. Half way done, and still feeling good. Tired, but good.


Round 2 – Circuit 1

17:00 Alright, these lunges are starting to hurt. But, if I want a cute butt, it has to be done!

18:30 Step ups. I feel like these shouldn’t be as hard as they are. I’m literally dripping sweat.

21:30 Skipping feels like a rest compared to the other exercises. Oh no, here comes the dog, don’t let him get hit by the skipping rope!



22:00 Only one circuit left. Feeling tired, but I know I have enough left to finish. I’d kill for a breeze right now though.


Round 2 – Circuit 2

23:30 Squats are so easy. I mean, probably because I’ve been doing crazy amounts of them for the last week, but still.

24:00 Squats are easy, so why are lunges so hard! Man my ass is sore!

27:00 Mountain climbers. They’re not bad, but all the sweat on my face is dripping into my mouth! Yuck!

27:10 Done the circuit. I could stop now, I mean, I’ve done it. No. Keep going. This is the PRE TRAINING. Don’t be a pussy now. Do the whole 7 minutes!

30:00 Ahhh, done! I feel great!


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