Exciting Changes at Becoming Beautiful Today!

Last month was a big milestone for Becoming Beautiful Today! It is the first month in its existence to have reached over 1000 views, more than double previous months!

So in celebration, and to keep the view ball rolling, I got to thinking: What can I do to take my blog to the next level? Videos! And the first one is already complete and ready for you to watch!

I’ll be doing a weekly video to correspond with one of my blog posts that I write that week. If you like any of my posts, and would like to see a video on it, just let me know, and I’ll be more than happy to do it!

If you like the content in my blog, and are looking for more inspiration, or a little notification when I have a new post, just follow me on Instagram @becoming_beautiful_today, and click here to go to my Youtube channel and subscribe there!


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