Fast Healthy Snack Favourites

For me, the key to staying on track with healthy eating is to have healthy snacks on hand. If I’m in a rush, I need to just grab something quick! So here are my favourite fast healthy snacks!

  1. Smoked Salmon, Feta/ Ricotta/ Cream Cheese, and Cucumber Slices


These are so yummy, and only take a couple minutes to throw together. They also make a great little platter to put out for guests, without the risk of putting out something naughty to temp you!


  1. Rice Paper Rolls


Throw in some carrots, cucumber, avocado, pretty much whatever you’d like! Avoid dipping in soy sauce, it’s extremely high in sodium and will cause you to retain water. Instead, dip in some balsamic vinegar, you’ll still get the extra flavour, but without all the salt! (For your information, soy sauce has 5493mg of sodium per 100g, whereas balsamic vinegar only has 23mg of sodium per 100g.)


  1. Protein Balls


You can make a large batch of protein balls on the weekend, and keep them in the fridge for a quick snack throughout the week. They only take 10 minutes to make, and each one is dense enough to fill you up for a while. Protein is also key in helping your muscles repair after a workout, so if you’ve got sore muscles, try using protein balls as a snack to help you repair! You can make these from scratch, or buy a mix and assemble like a premix cake.


  1. Fruit


The simplest healthy snack is to just have some fruit. Keep some apples on the table, and some fresh berries in the fridge. You can just grab some a eat them, so blend them up into a smoothie of a juice!


  1. Trail Mix

trail mix.PNG

You can get this already mixed together, or make your own. Just add a mixture of nuts and seeds, and add some raisins and dried cranberries. For your sweet tooth throw in a small handful of chocolate chips! You can pre-portion your trail mix into zip lock bags so you can just grab and go when you need.

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x Laura

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