I Didn’t Realize Drinking Water had THIS Affect!

Drinking water is so important. I know, everyone says it, but seriously. It keeps you hydrated, helps flush out your body, and keeps your tummy full so you don’t feel so hungry all the time. But that’s the same stuff everyone says about water.

Here’s why I’m saying it. Yesterday I was so tired. Not wanting to go to sleep tired, just lazy didn’t want to do anything tired. I just felt so blah! And I thought to myself, why do I feel so crappy today? What am I doing differently than every other day? And then it dawned on me, I’d only had 1 glass of water the entire day! Every other day I fill my water bottle at least 4 times, but yesterday, I’d hardly had anything to drink.


Today, I’m back into my water, consciously making an effort to get it in, and I’m back to my regular energy level (which are still extremely average, but better than yesterday).

It’s so amazing, I always listened to people talk about their body giving them signs about what it needs, and what it doesn’t like, and I could never relate to that. But in the last month or so, with exercising and eating healthy, my body is finally talking to me, or maybe I’m just finally listening!

It’s important to me that I get more in tune with my body, inside and out. I want to read it’s signs, and give it what it needs. It’s exciting that I’m actually starting to recognise when it’s trying to tell me something!

x Laura

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