Non Scale Victories – They’re Just as Important

It’s important to measure your success in more ways than one. If all you’re doing is weighing yourself, you’ll be pretty discouraged when the number on the scales doesn’t change. Non scale victories are any changes for the better that can’t be measured with the scale!

In the last few weeks, I’ve had a few non scale victories, the first is being able to run 5 km without stopping. A month ago I struggled to run 1.6 km, but now I’m running 5 km twice a week! That’s definitely a victory for me!

Looking back and comparing photos of me, I can already see a difference in my body! The scales are showing a little change, but not what I’m seeing in the mirror! This is probably because muscle has a higher density than fat, so as I’m building muscle, and losing fat, by body is changing significantly, but the scales are only changing a little.


And finally, yesterday’s non scale victory, I need to wear my Fitbit one notch tighter than normal to keep it tight on my wrist! I know, this seems small, but if I’m losing weight on my wrist, I’m losing else ware too!

So, remember to acknowledge your non scale victories, and celebrate them as you would losing weight on the scales!

x Laura

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