My Favorite Instagram Users to Follow for Motivation

Well, this post is exactly what the title says it is! Here are some of my favorite Instagram users that I follow for motivation!

@KaylaItsines – Kayla is the infamous creator of the Bikini Body Guide



@BaseBodyBabes – This account is a duo who post amazing photos together


@Steph_Pacca – This woman is just beautiful! Her body, her tan, her clothes, all of it!


@JenSelter – Honestly, this woman’s ass blows me away every time!


@MotivationForFitness – This account posts pictures of beautifully fit women, perfect motivation!


Well, that’s it! Those are my favorite Instagram accounts to follow for weight loss and fitness motivation! Check them out, and feel free to follow me as well @laurawaterman19!

x Laura

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