A Day of Lite N Easy

For those who don’t know, Lite N Easy is an Australian company that delivers calorie controlled meals straight to your house. I’m currently on the 1200 calorie meal plan, and I have my breakfast, lunch, and dinner all delivered. Some of the meals/ meal components are fresh, and some get microwaved, and it’s just the most convenient thing ever!

So, I’ve decided to take you all along with me for a day to see what Lite N Easy is like!

First up was breakfast (5:30am). I normally wait until I get to work (7:00am) to eat my breakfast, but today’s was an omelette, which I couldn’t cook at work. Lite N Easy provided me with 2 eggs, a little packet of cheese, and a tomato and ham mix, which was turned into a delicious ham and tomato omelette! This is one of the more complicated meals to prep, which means if you can cook an omelette, you can make everything else.


Next I had my snack (9:00), fresh grapes. These grapes were plump and juicy, and gave me just what I needed to last me through to lunch.


Lunch today (11:30) was a bacon chicken Caesar wrap. The ingredients I was provided were a wholegrain wrap, chicken and bacon mix, lettuce, tomato, and mayonnaise. I’m not a fan of fresh tomato, so I didn’t include it in my wrap, but the rest of it was delicious! To accompany my wrap, I also had some more fresh fruit! Rockmelon, Honeydew Melon, and Pineapple!


Snack time again (2:30). Today’s afternoon snack was a bag of mixed nuts. This included almonds, cashews, and macadamias, all lightly salted. The nut portions always look so small to me, but they always fill me right up!


Once I was home from work, it was time for my workout, today’s was a 5km run. After that, I was ravenous and so ready for dinner (6:30)! Tonight’s dinner was Beef Korma. I was skeptical on this one when I first ordered it, but the beautiful smell emanating from the microwave erased all doubt. Is was delicious! Honestly, so yummy, and just enough sauce for the beef and all the rice! Perfection!


Well, that’s a typical day of Lite N Easy! Fresh, healthy, calorie controlled, guilt free, DELICIOUS food! Who knew you could eat so much beautiful food, and still lose weight?!

Check out the corresponding video to this post!

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x Laura

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