Giving to a Great Cause

We all know how great it feels to give. Think about that feeling you get when you give someone that awesome Christmas present. Or how good you feel after making a delicious meal for your family that they dig into enthusiastically. Giving just feels good.

Today I gave to the Australian Red Cross. After donating whole blood countless times, today was my second ever plasma donation, and it feels so good. Honestly, you just have to take 30 minutes, to an hour out of your day, endure a quick stick with a needle, and then eat some free snacks! It’s really that easy, and you walk out feeling great. It doesn’t cost you anything, but what you are giving is priceless. You are literally SAVING PEOPLES’ LIVES.


Here are some common scenarios where people need a blood transfusion:

  • During a major surgery
  • People who have sustained serious injury
  • People who suffer from illnesses that cause anemia, like leukemia or kidney disease

I know at least one person from every one of those categories, and would be devastated if they were no longer with us because there just wasn’t enough blood for them.

I urge you, please go and donate. Even if you’re scared of needles, donate. If it was your little sister laying in the bed, and the only person that had the blood she needed was too scared of needles to save her, what would you do?

Go and donate, go save a life, and go feel good about what you’ve done.


Plus you get a sticker on your first donation!


For more information on donating, please visit this site: http://www.donateblood.com.au/


x Laura

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