Kikki K Haul

For those of you who don’t know what Kikki K is, it’s a beautiful chain on stationary stores. Their style is very clean and organised, and reminds me a lot of Ikea. On top of the stationary they sell, they’ve started selling self-improvement workbooks, for many different topics. I recently popped into one of their Brisbane stores, and instantly became obsessed.

You know when you were a little girl, and you got a jewellery making kit, or a barbie house, or some toy that you could escape into for hours, remember how much fun those were? How excited you were to open that gift, and then get to play with it later? These books have that effect for adults, and apparently birds.

So I’m in the store, looking at all the different options of workbooks, happiness, dreams, goals, gratitude, mindfulness, and many more. Each topic has its own set of materials; there’s the workbook, a journal, an actual book to read, matching pens, stickers, quote cards, you name it, it’s there. And I’m looking through, not sure which one to buy, and then I spot a pretty white box ladled “Happy Healthy Habits”, and inside are miniature versions of several of these topics! I figured this would be the perfect start. I can work through the mini workbooks, and if I find any of them particularly helpful or appealing, then I can go and buy the full size version.

I also bought a product from their newly launched line “Life is for Questions”. I bought their Life Planner, which is another workbook that includes some of the above mentioned topics, and also a few new ones, including values, passions, and balancing. This book asks thought provoking questions, with lots of space for your answers and creativity, to help you become the version of you that you want to be.

To go with my new Life Planner, I also bought a set of quote cards. The cards are beautifully designed, and on firm paper, so they can be easily propped up around the house or workplace.

And finally, to go with all my beautiful self-improvement gear, I bought new black and gold pens, you know, because you need a new pen for a new book!

As I mentioned before, my new books have given me that childish giddy excitement of a fun new toy, and I’m really looking forward to getting stuck in and working to make myself the best version I can be!

x Laura

4 thoughts on “Kikki K Haul”

  1. So awesome!! I just ordered something similar online yesterday called the Passion Planner. I love how in tune we are 💕 You’re awesome!!

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