My Unexpected Experience With Weights

I’ve recently joined a gym and have had a few sessions with a personal trainer. This is great, because I’m doing exercises I wouldn’t normally do on my own, and I’m being pushed to work harder.

Weight training isn’t something I’ve done much of before, but with my personal trainer by my side, I’m excited to be starting down that path. Having done lots of resistance training in the past, I thought I had a good idea what it was all about. I’ve seen people using the weight machines in the gym, and it all looks simple enough, but it’s so different!

During resistance training, I feel a burning in my muscles, it hurts, but I can push through. But with weight training, it’s weird. There’s minimal burning, but after a certain point, my muscles just stop working. I’ll be on the machine where you push out with your arms, and the first few reps are easy, then my arms start to shake a little, and then it doesn’t matter how hard I push, my arms just aren’t moving. It doesn’t hurt, and it feels like I should be able to do it, but it’s just not working. It’s the strangest feeling.

Luckily my PT will give me the extra bit of help I need to get through the set. Then when it’s done, I feel totally normal. In the moment, there’s no way it’s going to happen, my muscles just aren’t working, but after it feels like I could do it if I just tried again.

With time my strength will increase, and I’ll be able to complete these sets no problem. I’ll look back on these workouts and laugh about how my muscles would just give up. Seriously, it’s like they just say Fuck it, I’m going home, and then they’re gone, totally useless.

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x Laura

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