Making a Weight Loss Vision Board

Vision boards are great for motivation, and cheap and easy to make! You can hang it somewhere that you’ll see it often, and where you’ll see it before you start the day to give you the motivation to work towards your goals that day.

Here are some of the things you’ll need:
– A bulletin board
– Scissors
– Glue/ tape/ blue tack
– Tacks
– Inspiring pictures from magazines or printed from the internet
– Post it notes
– Markers and stickers
– A calendar

So get your bulletin board out to start (you could even use thick poster paper if you’re on a budget, however using a bulletin board will allow you to easily change it up later on to keep it fresh), and just start sticking everything on! Play around with the layout so that it’s appealing to you. Write down some motivational quotes on the post its and stick them on. You can include your meal plan, or your workout plan, pictures of what you’d like to look like, or clothes you’d like to wear, or even pictures of yourself from when you used to be thin!
Try and make it interactive too. You can cross off the days on the calendar as you pass them, check off workouts as you complete them, or take off weight numbered tags as you lose weight! Get creative and have fun. There’s no wrong way to do this, this is your vision board, so do whatever works for you.

When you’ve had your board up for a while and it starts to blend in with the background, change it up. Rearrange it, add new pictures and quotes, or even move it’s location so it’s the first thing you see when you walk in to the room.

Have fun!

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