Finding the Exercise that’s Right for You

Exercise is something many people loathe, but it really doesn’t have to be that way. The trick is to find something you really enjoy doing, and the way to do that is through trial and error. I’ve used workout DVDs, Youtube workouts, paid home workout plans, lots of cardio, personal trainers, and gym memberships and classes. Some things just weren’t for me, but without trying, I wouldn’t have known!

At first I used to do heaps of cardio, walking, running, just cardio. It was what I knew how to do, and trying something else was outside of my comfort zone. Some people really enjoy cardio, but for me it was so boring, which made it really difficult to get motivated to do it.
Next I tried workout DVDs and Youtube workouts, which were okay. They were enjoyable, but so repetitive. I still use them sometimes when I can’t make it out to the gym and I want to do a workout at home, which they’re great for, but for me, I’m not happy using only them.

Paid home workout plans are pretty good. I really enjoyed the one I completed (Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide), and I learned a lot from it. It allowed me to build my confidence at home and better equip me for working out in front of other people. The only reason I stopped using it was because I was looking for a change. I’m sure eventually I’ll cycle back and use it again.

And now finally I’ve joined a gym. My personal trainer is showing me all sorts of exercises, and how to use the weight machines, and the classes are varied and so much fun. I’m always doing something new.

Fear and lack of confidence has held me back in the past. I remember a few years ago, when I first started trying to get active (and I had no idea what the hell I was doing), I would only workout alone, where no one would see me. If someone came, I would just stop and wait until they went away. I was so embarrassed. Eventually I started working out with a friend, and I thought to myself, I know her, I trust her, she’s trying to better herself just like I am, she’s not going to laugh at me, and I pushed my fear aside, and just went for it. Then I joined the gym, and unless I was with my PT, I was on the treadmill. I didn’t dare go over into the weight section. I didn’t know what I was doing over there, and it was really intimidating. A couple weeks in my PT wrote me a workout plan, with all the exercises I needed to do… all of which were on the weight machines. So, I could continue to hide in the cardio area, or I could do what my trained PT told me was going to give me results. I searched the exercises on Youtube to see how they were done, and then I walked in to the weight section, and got busy. It was really scary at first, but once you’re a set it, and out of breath and struggling, you don’t have energy for fear, all of your energy goes into the exercise. Before I knew it, I was done my workout. Heading into the weight section got easier and easier every day. And now I don’t even look back, I actually prefer to workout in the weight section!

So do some trial and error, push your boundaries and step out of your comfort zone, and find the workouts that work for you. When you think you’re too self conscious to workout in public, think of this scenario: You’re in a gym, and there’s an obese man working out. He can’t go as hard as most of the people around him, but he’s sweating, and you can tell he’s putting in everything he’s got. What thought pops into your mind? Fatty’s in the gym, hahaha or Good on him! People aren’t going to judge you and laugh at you. They may not come talk to you, but I’ll put money on it that they’re secretly rooting for you in their head!

x Laura

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