What Happens When You Quit Processed Sugar?

First off, lets define processed sugar. Processed sugar is any form of sugar that isn’t naturally in fruits and vegetables. This includes candy, soft drink, cake, ketchup, BBQ sauce, and of course, plain sugar from the bag! So what happens to your body when you stop eating processed sugar?

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What Happens to Your Body?

  • Risk of heart problems decrease by 30%, and blood pressure will decrease.
  • Systemic inflammation (a trigger for ance) is reduced. A study found that when non-soft drink drinkers consumed one soft drink a day for three weeks, their inflamation increased by 87%. So giving it up should have the opposite effect!
  • Your sleeping cycle should become more regulated.
  • Risk of diabetes will decrease.
  • Your mood will improve.
  • Weight loss.

What Happens to Your Mind?

These all sound like great results, but how will you actually feel when you’re quitting? Sugar is addictive, so quitting will produce withdrawal symptoms. If you feel any of the following symptoms in the first five days of quitting, just know that it’s your body detoxing, and you’re going through the process of quitting.

  • Being cranky and tired
  • Headaches
  • Cold like symptoms

So the next time you start a new diet, and two days in you’re tried and cranky, STAY AWAY FROM THE CHOCOLATE! You’re not just in a bad mood, you’re detoxing, and if you have that naughty treat to make you feel better, you’re just going to have to keep starting from the beginning!

x Laura

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