Week 2 Weigh In Results – 12 Week Weight Loss Challenge

We’ve made it two whole weeks into our 12 Week Challenge!!

You may be starting to veer off path now, but hopefully your weigh in results will motivate you to KEEP GOING! Everyone who has weighed in has made tremendous progress, and you should all be extremely proud of yourselves!

The top 3 Challengers this fortnight will be determined by Percentage of Body Fat % lost. We’re looking at Body Fat % instead of just weight because it more accurately illustrates your progress. One of our challengers this fortnight actually didn’t lose any weight, but still had great Body Fat % loss results! And we’re looking at Percentage of Body Fat % lost to create a level playing field for Challengers at all health and fitness levels. A person with a lot more to lose will lose much quicker than someone with only a little to lose.

So, without further ado, the top 3 Challengers this fortnight!


1st – Sheila Riddle – Lost 0.082% of Body Fat %

2nd – Ellen Venz – Lost 0.058% of Body Fat %

3rd – Dave Waterman – Lost 0.045% of Body Fat %


Congratulations you three!! And if you’re not in this fortnight’s top three, use this as motivation to push even HARDER!

I’ve made a couple of graphs for those that weighed in so you can see where you rank in competition. Names haven’t been included to avoid anyone’s embarrassment, but you should be able to tell which number you are by your weight/ body fat. If you’re having difficulty determining who you are, just ask and I’ll let you know!





And finally, the order of % Body Fat % Lost (top 3 not included)!

4. Challenger 7 with 0.038% Body Fat % lost

5. Challenger 6 with 0.035% Body Fat % lost

6. Challenger 1 with 0.034% Body Fat % lost

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