Domestic Violence

An Unexplained Absence: Explained

Well, after a VERY long break (10 months in fact), I’m finally back!

I’m freshly motivated and ready to kick some ass!

Stay tuned for my usual content to be posted in the next couple of days. At the moment I’m working on a post about Positive Reinforcement and how you can use that to keep you on track for your health and fitness goals.

In the meantime, I’d like to write a little about why I’ve been away. I left an abusive relationship in November, which is why I stopped posting on here. My life was completely flipped upside down when my partner at the time took the step from emotional and minor physical abuse to proper physical abuse. Luckily I’d had the foresight to hit record on my phone minutes before it happened.

You’d think that I could just leave and that would be that, but you’d be wrong. He didn’t work, so he was home all day, every day, which meant that I couldn’t pack anything. If I were to start packing in front of him, I’d run the risk of him losing it again, which was a dangerous situation. He’d go to the shops every couple of days, and during that time I’d pack what I could and put it in my car before he got back.

A whole week went by before I actually left and went back to my parents’ house. I had to go to the police station and apply for a DVO (Domestic Violence Order), and then go to court to have it heard and instated. I had to have a police escort so I could go back to the house to get the rest of my things. And then when he continuously breached the DVO by harassing me, threatening me, and showing up at my house, I had to go back to the police and to court to have the DVO amended to No Contact (which I’d asked for to begin with, but they only granted one for Good Behaviour).

A lot of people who are in or have escaped DV situations are too embarrassed to talk about it, and yeah, it’s embarrassing that I allowed myself to get into that situation, but it happened. Keeping it all to myself only protects his reputation, which is something he doesn’t deserve. I’m thinking about writing about my whole story in detail, and maybe posting chapter by chapter on here. Partly for myself to get it all out, but also in case it might help others suffering with DV that they’re not alone, and to help family and friends of those suffering understand why they put up with it for so long. If that’s something you’d be interested in seeing, leave me a comment below.

Click here for:

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Chapter 10 on my DV story

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x Laura


10 thoughts on “An Unexplained Absence: Explained”

  1. Such an important post; thank you so much for your courage in sharing it. Experiences of DV come in all shapes and sizes, and there’s not enough conversation around all its manifestations. Often it’s when it gets really physical that the situation becomes crystal clear in all its ugliness and wrongness. Your strength to leave – and to stay away – is a truly inspirational! Go Laura – always got your back, Nannon xxxx

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  2. Keep your head up girl, you got this .
    Your an extremely strong person to come out with what happened . . I know for a fact you’ll touch and help so many people ..

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  3. Laura, you are such a beautiful soul and an incredibly braves woman for seeing it and taking action to get out of that situation,. I think it would benefit many, many people to hear your story chapter by chapter .
    I watched my mother go through this and let it happen to her children as well. It is a hard situation to escape and I commend you greatly 😘

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