Free Motivation Program

Week 1 Day 2

If you’ve just stumbled across this post, you can start at the beginning of this program by clicking here.

It’s Day 2! It doesn’t matter if you’ve already made mistakes in Day 1, all that’s important is that you keep moving forward!


Challenge 1:

Drink 2 Litres of water today. Track how much you drink, and make sure it’s at least 2L. You can add some berries or cucumber to spice it up even. Aim for 2L every day from now.


Motivational Quote 1:

Saying, “I’ve already ruined my good eating today, I’ll just eat like crap.” Is the same as saying, “I dropped my phone on the floor, I’ll smash it till it breaks.”


Motivational Picture 1:

Image from

Challenge 2: 

Make a vision board. All you need for this is somewhere to pin some stuff up, a cork board works great, but the fridge, or even taping stuff up on the wall will work. Put your calendar up there, Write up any motivational quotes that you like, put up the motivational pictures you like, post your goals up there, and something to track your progress. I’ve got a post here that you can use for inspiration for a vision board that I’ve made.


Motivational Quote 2:

Nothing tastes as good as fit feels


Motivational Picture 2:

Image from

End of the Day:

You’ve made it through Day 2, congratulations! Get your journal out and write about how you feel. What are you craving? Did one of today’s motivational quotes resonate with you? Did you drink your 2L of water? What’s your favourite part of your vision board?

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