Free Motivation Program

Week 1 Day 3

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It’s day 3. They say that the 3rd day of quitting smoking is the hardest, let’s use the same view with changing eating habits. If you’ve been sticking to your healthy eating, today should be the hardest day, and then downhill after this. Stay strong today.


Challenge 1:

Set your goals and think about why it’s important to you to achieve them. Write your goals and reasons down.



Goal: Lose 10kg in 3 months     Why: To feel confident on my holiday to Thailand


Motivational Quote 1:

Your stomach shouldn’t be a waste basket.


Motivational Picture 1:

Image from

Challenge 2:

Download the My Fitness Pal App, set your goals, and start tracking your meals, staying within your calorie and other macro limits. For those who don’t know, macros are your carbs, fats, and sugars.


Motivational Quote 2:

Do it because they said you couldn’t.


Motivational Picture 2:

Image from

End of the Day:

Well, you made it through Day 3! Get your journal out. Did you stay within your calorie and macro limits? If not, where and why did you go over? What could you do next time to prevent that from happening?

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