Free Motivation Program

Week 1 Day 7

If you’ve just stumbled across this post, you can start at the beginning of this program by clicking here.

You’ve made it through your first week! Congratulations! Hopefully you’ve been able to stay on track, and move past any slip ups!


Challenge 1:

It’s weigh in day!! Take all of the same measurements that you did on Day 1! Try to do your measurements at the same time of day, and in similar clothing, as you did on day 1. This will help give you a more accurate picture of your progress. Good Luck! Make sure any progress is tracked on your vision board!


Motivational Quote 1:

Imagine the weight you are losing is going to the person you hate


Motivational Picture 1:

Image from

Challenge 2:

Good News! You’ve made it through the week, so today there is no Challenge 2, you get to relax and get ready for the week ahead!


Motivational Quote 2:

Sore is the new Sexy


Motivational Picture 2:

Image from

End of the Day:

Woo Hoo! You’ve made it through your first week! Get your journal out and write about how it went. How do you feel overall? Did you give it everything you had, or could you have done better? How many black crosses do you have on your calendar for the week? Make a promise to yourself about how many you’ll have at the end of next week.

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