Wish Haul #1

So I keep seeing ads for on my Facebook. Everything I see is beautiful, and it’s so cheap that it’s surely a scam, right? Well, after weeks of having these amazing deals shoved in my face, I finally caved and ordered some stuff…. Maybe a little more than just some.

First of all, for anyone who doesn’t know, Wish is like EBay. It’s a bunch of different sellers, and you pay shipping on each individual item, since they’re all being shipped from different locations (although everything I’ve bought so far has come from somewhere in China).

It takes a while for your items to be delivered, although everything that I ordered arrived earlier than their estimated delivery. And the real reason why it’s so cheap? It’s pretty hit and miss. Sizing, quality, colour, these things all seem to be pretty flexible concepts to the suppliers on Wish. BUT, for such a cheap price, maybe it’s worth getting a few duds if you get some great pieces as well.

Below is my Wish haul and reviews on each item. I’ve also given my recommendation on whether to buy each item or not, and the link on the wish store if you’d like to buy it. Please note that the prices change quite often, so the prices that I’ve listed below are what I paid. Also, if a link doesn’t work, that means that that particular item is out of stock from the supplier that I bought it from, however, lots of suppliers stock the same items, so just do a quick search, and I’m sure you’ll find it being sold by someone else. And please be kind, a few things were too tight, but I included photos in the hopes of helping others make informed decisions.



High-Waisted Tie Up Shorts


$8 + $4 shipping

I was really worried that these wouldn’t fit me, but again, using the sizing chart, they fit! They’re a little tighter in the legs than the picture, but they’re still super cute and comfortable. These are made from the same material as the wrap around dresses, I actually think this exact same pattern is on several items that I ordered.

Recommend: Yes



Backless Maxi Halter Dress


$11 + $3 shipping each

Okay, I got excited and I bought this one in white and blue. The blue is a really dark navy blue, although it looks black in the picture. Again, they fit amazing, look amazing, are super comfortable, and made of the same material as the wrap around dresses. One of the buttons popped off the blue one the first time I tried it on, so I had to sew it back on, and the white one is super see through. I also noticed after one wear that the blue one started to come apart at one of the seams, so I’ll have to fix that up too. With an open back, you can’t really wear a bra with it, so nipple covers will be needed for the white one.

Recommend: Yes – obviously not the best quality, but for the price, it’s worth it even for just a few wears.


Backless Maxi Dress


$13 + $6 shipping

Alright, I had high hopes for this one, but I’m not sure I’ll be able to make it work. First of all, the skirt isn’t as flowy as it looks in the photo, and the way the cups are made, they hold my boobs really awkwardly. It gives my boobs a really weird shape, and I feel like if I actually move around, they might pop out!

Recommend: No



Casual Dress #1


$6 + $3 shipping

This one looks super cute and casual in the photo, but it’s not great. It’s an almost plastic material, and looks and feels super cheap. It’ll do as a cover up at the beach, but that’s about it. It does fit though which is a plus I guess.

Recommend: No


Casual Dress #2


$3 + $2 shipping

I bought this one to use as a cover up at the beach, and that’s pretty much all it will be good for. It’s okay, it fits, it’s just not anything special, and the skirt part isn’t as flowy as in the picture. Also, as you can see, the colour certainly isn’t as vibrant as in the picture.

Recommend: No



Bow Bikini Bottoms


Free + $5 shipping

Okay, I got the black ones, and they look cute, they’re just way too small. Like, around my hips they’re way too tight. Quality seems good, so if you’re going to order, get a size up from what the sizing chart says.

Recommend: Yes


Orange Bikini


$18 + $9 shipping

This one is okay. Again, the bottoms are too small, but I can make to top work. It isn’t the best quality, but it works, and it looks just like in the picture. Unfortunately the ties on the bottoms and between the cups don’t actually come apart, so you can’t adjust them. For the price, I think you can find much nicer bikinis on Wish.

Recommend: No


Teal Bikini


$10 + $3 shipping

I love this one. It fits, although the top is a little loose. It doesn’t come with the pretty chains around the bottoms though, and it’s more of a sky blue than a teal, but it’s still pretty. Quality isn’t the best, but for lounging on the beach, it’ll work just fine.

Recommend: Yes


Netted Floral Bikini


$14 + $7 shipping

This is one of my favourites. It fits beautifully, looks just like the picture, and it great quality!

Recommend: Yes



Stick On Bra


Free + $4 shipping

I’ve been seeing these all over my Facebook feed, and when I came across it for free on Wish, I had to try. I got it in black, and when I put it on the first time, I was so excited! It was working! However, when I went to actually wear it out, I realised how conscious I was about it. I was constantly trying to stick it back on, and as you can see in the photo, it didn’t exactly give me the amazing cleavage that’s shown in the ads. I think under a tight dress it would work really well, because the dress would sort of hold it on, but in something lose, if you actually plan to move around, I’m not confident that this would do the trick.

Recommend: Yes, with the right outfit


Fluorescent Bikini


$8 + $4 shipping

I was worried that this one wouldn’t fit, but it fits great! It even comes with removable straps to make the top a halter, although the stitching in one of the loops on the top where the straps go started to come undone when I put the straps on. Quality is great, and it looks just like the picture.

Recommend: Yes





$20 + $9 shipping

All I can say is that it looks exactly like the picture. It’s super cute, and great quality! I haven’t included a picture of what was delivered because it was exactly like the picture above, teddy bear included!

Recommend: Yes


Purse Set


$34 + $15 shipping

This one is great too. Again, exactly like the picture, and came with all the little bags. The big purse got a little squished in the mail so there’s a couple creases on it, but I can live with it. Again, I haven’t included a photo of what I received because it was exactly the same as the picture.

Recommend: Yes


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  1. OMG I love the teal bathing suit I wonder if you can buy those chains too! Also, those shorts look adorable on you and the blue and white dresses are HOT too!

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