Week 2 and Seeing Results

I’m in to my second week of the New Year. My body is sore as anything from the gym, but I’m recovering. Last week I completed all of my planned exercise, stayed within my calorie limit and macros (except for my cheat meal), and drank at least 3L of water. I’m feeling awesome.

I even had my weigh in immediately after my greasy cheat meal (a massive cheese burger and deep fried pickles), and I still had progress! I’m down 0.9kg and 1.8% body fat!

I’m feeling much better having upped my calorie intake. I’m still creating almost 1000 calorie deficit per day (according to my Fitbit), but having an extra protein based snack or two is giving me so much extra energy.

Tonight I have to do my LISS, which will be easy, and I don’t need to work it around anything else.

x Laura

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