Wish Haul #2

Alright, so I’ve been back on, and I’m here to show you what I got! If you missed my first Wish Haul, you can see it here!

Below I’ll show you what was advertised online, how much is cost (AUD) plus shipping, and how it actually looked. I’ll also give you a little description of how it is, because you can’t always see everything in the pictures, and the link to where you can buy it if you want to get it!

Gold Dress


$18 + $8

This one was a win for sure. It fits beautifully and isn’t see-through. It’s a little scratchy in some places due to the pattern, but overall, I love this one. I’ve already worn it twice, and have gotten heaps of compliments.


Pink Satin Top


$8 +$4

It’s super cute and looks exactly like the picture, but it sheds like a motherfucker. Even after washing it won’t stop shedding. Also, when I put it on for these photos, the strap broke.


High Waisted Black Pants


$6 + $2

I should have ordered a size down, they’re just a little bit too big. They’re super thin as well, and don’t really stay up when I walk, which is annoying. They do the trick for just some comfy black pants though.


Pink Sweater



$4 +$3

This one is super thin, and tighter than I’d expected, I should have ordered a size up. Also, the string is really long, so I may have to trim it. Overall it wouldn’t be bad as a light sweater, if it actually fit.


Black Open Back Top


$4 + $2

It’s exactly like the picture. It’s really really thin though. Way too thin for me to consider going braless, so I found a bra with a cute back. I also should have gotten a size down. I think with some accessories, this will be really cute.


Pink Crop Top


$5 + $3

The v-neck is a bit smaller, and the cross seems almost too high and uneven, like it’s chocking me. Also, there’s a second layer inside around the collar, but it only makes it down to the top of my bra, leaving a line, and see through. It might be okay with a skin tone bra though. It also doesn’t come as far down my torso, but that my be my boobs’ fault. The material is good quality.


Jumpsuit Dress


$12 + $4

Alright, this one is really cute and comfortable. It’s the same material as most of the dresses in my last haul, and because it’s got a skirt over the shorts, so the bum area isn’t see-through. My boobs have a hard time staying put in this, but overall, it’s really good.


Basic Over The Shoulder Top


$8 +$3

It’s cute. You have to lace it up yourself, but it’s pretty close to the picture advertised. Downsides are that it’s see-through, and really hard to lift your arms up. Also, the sleves don’t come all the way down to my wrists. I should have gotten it in a size up.


Lacey Over The Shoulder Top


$11 + $6

Again, this one has to be laced yourself, and it’s next to impossible to move around it. As you can see, I was too lazy to put the ribbon in. I think they tried with this one, but missed the mark. It looks close, but not close enough for me to be happy with it.


Black and White Set


$8 +$3

This one surprised me. The material is very, very thin, but it’s cute. The top fits a little funny, and I’ll need to alter it so it doesn’t gape open on the sides, but other than that, this set it great.


Lacy Jump Suit


$7 + $3

This is my favourite of everything that I’ve gotten from Wish. It’s super see through, so it’s a no underwear kind of thing, but it is so comfortable and light. Really great for summer.


Black Over The Shoulder Jump Suit


$9 +$4

This one is really cute and comfortable. The only issue is a couple of the balls have fallen off, and the balls between the legs get tangled together.


Neon Dress


$10 +$5

It’s super cute, and super see through. Think of really cheap bathing suit material. The colours are right when the dress is on the hanger, but when you stretch it over your body, they fade.


Leafy Work Out Set


$11 + $5

It’s thin. The tights fit, but the bra is too loose to be useful without alteration. It’ll do for very light exercise, but if you’re looking for something to hold all your bits in place, this isn’t it.



Well that’s it for this Wish Haul!

x Laura

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