Wish Haul #3 – Active Wear

Hello Everyone! Hope you’re ready for another Wish Haul! If you missed the first two, you can see them here – Wish Haul #1 and Wish Haul #2.

Basically how this works is I’ve ordered some clothes off of It’s come, I’ve tried it on and taken pictures. I’ll give you my opinion on the products, the price (in AUD), and the link to it so you can buy it yourself if you like.

Shut Up and Squat Shirt

shirt 1

$5 + $3 shipping = $8

This one is a nice normal T-shirt material. It’s good quality, and fits well, although for a looser fit, order a size up. I also wish it was a little longer, but for $8, I’m happy. The writing isn’t actually backwards, that’s just because of the mirror.


Lift Squat Leggings


$5 + $3 shipping = $8

Well, they got the colour right on these, but that’s about it. The material is terribly cheap, there’s no support. The waistband is tight, but the leggings are loose in other places, like behind the knees. Also, the waistband is really just a thin, loose elastic, so it’s really unflattering, as you can see below. In my opinion, I wouldn’t waste your money on these. The only thing they’ll be good for is lounging around home.

I also bought these leggings from an actual active wear distributor who sells proper brands. Stay tuned for the comparison between these leggings and the real ones!


Spotted Leggings


$8 + $3 shipping = $11

These ones aren’t the best quality, but they’re certainly better then the last ones. They’re tighter and have much more support. The colour fades a little though as the fabric is stretched over your body. Again, these have a loose band in the waist, but for $11 these aren’t too bad.


Simple Sports Bra


Free + $5 Shipping = $5

This one doesn’t give a lot of support. It’s pretty loose, so maybe go a size down. It’s also a little bit see-through, you can see the circular padding pretty easily. It’s super comfy though. It would work for lifting weights or hanging out at home, it would not work for running. For the price, I’d buy it again.


Keep Going Shirt


$7 + $3 Shipping = $10

This one is made out of a very slippery slinky material, but it’ll get the job done. The colour is right, and it seems to be decent quality. If you want a looser fit, go a size up.


Cropped Set


$17 + $6 shipping = $23

The fabric is pretty thin, although not see-through, and the quality isn’t great. This will be good for lounging around home, and maybe going for walks, but I wouldn’t trust the pants not to split while doing squats. The top fits nicely, but the bottoms are fairly tight, and I have a hard time getting the waistband up to wear it’s shown on the model. Also, as you can see, the pants aren’t particularly flattering on me.


Zip Sports Bra

bra 1

$11 + $5 shipping = $16

This looks cute, but it’s way too loose. It functions properly, but there’s no underwire, and little support. The material is also really scratchy on the skin, and the pattern is messy and cheap looking. Don’t waste your money on this one.


Bum Scrunch Leggings


$12 + $5 shipping = $17

Okay, they don’t looks too bad once you get them on, but the whole time I was putting them on, all I could hear were stitches ripping. I don’t think I’ve ever come across a piece of clothing so fragile. I certainly wouldn’t trust these doing real exercise. The waistband is a really thin elastic, which doesn’t give the most comfortable fit. I really like the bum scrunch thing though, so I think I’ll buy these from a reputable brand so I can have a nice pair.


Geometric Leggings


$6 + $2 shipping = $8

These one’s aren’t bad. The colour fades when the fabric is stretched, but they have good support and feel like they won’t just fall apart. The waistband is again a loose band, which isn’t the most comfortable, but it’ll work.


Camo Cropped Set

suit 1

$6 + $2 shipping = $8 per piece. $16 for full set.

This one you need to buy the top and bottoms separately. It actually fit and looked better than I’d expected, which was a nice surprise. The quality isn’t the best, but it’s also not the worst of what I’ve gotten in this haul. The colours are slightly off. This set will be good for walking or light exercise.



suit 2

$17 + $6 shipping = $23

I wish I’d ordered this one in a size up, it’s just a little bit too tight to be cozy and comfortable, but as I lose more weight, I think it’ll fit nicely. It’s a little cheap feeling, but it’s not bad, and it doesn’t feel like it’ll fall apart. It’ll be good for cooler weather, but not winter, it’s not thick enough for that. The pants could also be a little longer.


Short Shorts


Free + $5 shipping = $5

These are a little tight, I should have ordered a size up. They’re cute though, and they’ll get the job done. The colour is correct, and for $5, they’re a pretty good deal.


Well, that’s it for this haul!

The shirts weren’t bad, but none of the leggings were really great quality. In the future I don’t think I would order active wear on Wish again. I would rather shop for brands that have good quality products and pay a little extra.

x Laura


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