Wish Vs. Miss Active #LIFT #SQUAT Leggings

We’ve all seen the #lift # squat leggings on social media. They look awesome, and when I saw them available on Wish for $8 including shipping, I grabbed a pair.


Now, this is Wish we’re talking about. If you haven’t read any of my Wish Hauls, you can check them out: Haul #1, Haul #2, Active Wear Haul

Wish is pretty hit and miss, so for $8, I didn’t have very high expectations. So when I saw the same pants on Miss Active, a reputable active wear site, for $56, I decided that I better grab them as well!


The Wish ones came first, and my low expectations weren’t surpassed. The material is like a really cheap, saggy, swimsuit material. The waistband elastic isn’t fixed in the waistband, so it gets all twisted up, and bunches up the material around it. They’re loose enough that they don’t hold anything in place, and I’m concerned that the #lift #squat screen printing will start degrading after the first wash. On the plus side, they aren’t see through. They’ll be good for walking in, or lounging around the house.

Then the Ryderwear leggings from Miss Active came. The quality is great. They’re pretty thick, so they’ll be great for these upcoming winter months, and they’re very supportive. The waistband is nice and thick, so I’m not left with any bulges around my tummy, and the screen printing seems to be of good quality. I’ve worn them a couple of times, and they absorb sweat nicely, and still breath, and I’m not left with any sweaty wet patches like I would be with the other pants.


Honestly, considering I easily spend upwards of $100 on a pair of decent leggings in regular stores, finding the same quality online for $56 is a steal! The Wish ones are poor quality, but they’re not a complete write off. For $8, they’ll make good lounging at home pants.

x Laura

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