My Year on Herbalife

I’d been on Herbalife very briefly before, and it didn’t go well. I felt terribly sick, and I only lasted a few days. After that, my opinion of it was very low.

Then I met my boyfriend, Tony, who was on Herbalife. His Mom, Gordana, is a health coach for it. That means that she’s a distributor, and helps coach her clients on their journey. Helps them find the right nutrition, motivates them to keep going, and does weekly weigh ins with her body scan scales.


Visiting at their house, I tried a few of their shakes when they made them, and they were much better than I’d remembered. After a few months, I decided to give it another go, and I discovered that it’s much more than just meal replacement shakes.

Gordana set me up with everything I’d need. Here’s a list of what I got and basically what it does:

Shake Mix – This is the meal replacement. You blend it with milk and fruit. If you’re trying to lose weight, you would have a shake for breakfast, a morning snack, a shake for lunch, an afternoon snack, and cook your dinner. This is the plan that I was on. Flavours come in Chocolate, Vanilla, Berry, Choc Mint, and Cookies and Cream.

Personalised Protein Powder – This goes in to your shakes to help up your protein, which is important when losing weight so that you can maintain your muscle mass.

Aloe – This is a liquid that goes in to your daily water. It helps with your digestive gut health to allow you to absorb all of the nutrients that you eat. Flavours come in Manderie and Mango.

Fat Burning Tea – This tea heats up your core temperature and makes your body burn more calories during the day. Flavours come in Peach, Cinnamon, and Lemon.

Multivitamins – The are just simple multivitamins to make sure you’re getting what you need.

NRG – This tablet helps give you a little extra energy during the day.

Chitosen – This one helps absorb some of the fat you eat, instead of your body absorbing it.

Cell-U-Loss – This one helps reduce your water retention.

Probiotic – And this one is just a simply probiotic.


Gordana did my first weight in, which saw me sitting at 79.4 kg and 38.7% body fat.

I struggled a little at first, and a few more times along the way. It was too easy to get sidetracked on the weekends, and so my progress was slow. But it was still progress.

Tony, Myself, and my Health Coach Gordana

After watching some of my struggling, Gordana suggested that I follow a Herbalife Meal Plan, where all my shakes, snack, and meals were laid out for me. The first few days were hell. I was starving, and angry about it. But by about day 3 or 4 my body had adjusted, and I wasn’t starving anymore. It went really well after that.


After a couple of months following this meal plan, I started to struggle having the same thing every day, and I missed creating in the kitchen. I was also tired of eating fruit (I’m not the biggest fruit fan to begin with), and I missed eating breakfast and lunch. This meal plan had been so successful for me. It’s when I lost the majority of my weight on this year long journey, so I pushed through for a little longer. But I was still struggling to stay motivated, even with Gordana cheering me on and sending me things to motivate me throughout the day.

Then I took a pay cut with a new job. With my reduced income, I needed to assess my expenditure, and unfortunately, that’s where my Herbalife journey ended.

So, I’m sure everyone is wondering now, what were my results?!

Well, as I mentioned, I started at 79.4 kg and 38.7% body fat. At the end of my journey, I weighed in at 66.5 kg and 31.8% body fat! That’s a loss of 12.9 kg and 6.9% body fat.


It took me from having an over weight BMI to a healthy one, and from an overweight body fat % to a healthy one. It’s also taken me down to the lowest weight that I’ve ever been in my 20’s.

As for my physical measurements, I’ve drop a total of 49 cm from my chest, hips, and waist. That’s almost half a meter of fat gone!


Not only do the scale and tape measure show a difference, but the mirror does as well!



And finally, I’m so proud to say, that my 28 year old body looks almost, if not as good as my 19 year old body!


It’s a slow and hard process, but it’s possible. Herbalife worked for me, even through the struggle of having to accept fruit into my daily life, it worked. I struggled for a long time trying to sort out my weight, and I had little success until Gordana, my Herbalife Health Coach, helped me.

If you’re interested in trying Herbalife, or would like to know more about it, you can reach Gordana on her email at, and of course, I’m always happy to chat.


x Laura

2 thoughts on “My Year on Herbalife”

  1. It was fantastic year, loved our journey, every step of it ! Ups and downs are part of life so weight loss journey isn’t any different! Only important are results, dreams becoming true, that amazing feeling of new person that you were building along. You determination was amazing! Even when you were drifting away sometime, you still had the same goal in front of you which never changed. I believed in you and in your strength to beat every obstacles in front of you! You didn’t let anything stay between you and your goal! This time you believed in yourself too, you had right mindset, that’s the best weapon in battle with old yourself.
    I am so proud of you and I will always be here for you when you need anything!
    Gordana Simic, Health Coach


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