Dairy of a Pole Dancer: First Class

About 6 months ago I was ready for a change. I’d been dragging my heals in regards to going to the gym, and I wanted to try something new. That’s when I discovered pole fitness.
I had thought about it before, but had never taken action, and being in the workout rut that I was, I was ready to jump in and try! I found a local studio online, and signed up for their 8 week Beginner course, that started that night! I was nervous and didn’t really know what to expect. Karla, the studio owner would be the instructor for my class that term. She was so lovely and approachable. There were also a few girls repeating the course from the previous term. They were a lot more comfortable than us newbies, and that helped me relax a lot.
Basically a pole class goes like this – you do some exercises to warm up, do some strength conditioning exercises, learn some tricks and practice, and then learn some choreo to that classes song.
Warm up was easy. Conditioning was fine. Although I’d been slacking, I was still strong from all my time at the gym. Then the fun part came, tricks!
We learnt a Fireman Spin, which is the typical spin around the pole that you imagine when you think of pole dancing. Those dancers make it looks so easy! Nothing about this felt natural, and I’m sure my first 100 spins looked like that washing machine with a brick in it.
Next came the climb and sit. The instructor showed us how it was done, then I tried to do it. Nope, it wasn’t possible. I could feel my skin peeling off on the pole between my thighs. I tried again, and again, and every time was more horrible than the last as my skin was becoming more and more sensitive.
pole 1
We moved on to another spin, the tuck spin. This one is harder than the first, but at least I could sort of do it, unlike the pole sit, which felt impossible.
pole 2
Finally we moved on to Choreo, which was still difficult because I’m NOT a dancer, but it was easier than the tricks. Before I knew it, the hour long class was up and it was time to go home.
I drove home feeling sore and sexy at the same time, electric energy flowing through my body, I just wanted to keep dancing, I was hooked.

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