7 Week Postpartum Check In

Well here I am at week 7, it’s been raining on and off for most of the last week, including today, and Oliver is going through his second developmental leap, so he’s extra fussy.


With Oliver going through a leap, his night time sleeping hasn’t been so great. Instead of a reliable long stretch of sleep, and then a shorter stretch that takes us to 5 or 6 in the morning, he’s waking after an hour or two, then again about 3 hours later, and then about every 2 hours until morning. His time awake in the night is also extra taxing, as he isn’t settling back to sleep as easy. He’s crying more, and I have to use a combination of rocking and on and off the boob until he falls back asleep. At this point the actual method to get him back settled is still a guessing game.

Luckily for me, my husband, Tony, is incredible, and while there’s not a lot he can do through the night (since I’m breastfeeding), he takes over from about 4 or 5 am so that I can sleep a couple extra hours. Without this, I think I would be really suffering.


My first instinct Wright now was to write that I’ve been pretty good this week, but labelling what I eat as good and bad is part of the issue with my relationship with food, so let’s start again.

I feel happy with how I’ve treated my body this week, and the food I’ve eaten has made me feed physically and emotionally good.

I’ve come in around 1800 calories a day, sometimes a little more, sometimes a little less. We had two delicious meals out, and because I chose fresh and healthy options, but still foods that I actually enjoy, I didn’t feel bloated or sluggish afterward.

I’ve started eating oatmeal for breakfast, sweetened with a little maple syrup. It’s warm, and yummy, and the oats are actually meant to be good for milk production, so two birds one stone, right?

Finding time to make my meals with a newborn, especially one going through a leap can be challenging. Generally he’s content in his play gym for enough time for me to make a quick meal, and then I can eat while he’s on the boob. Otherwise Tony will take him while I make a meal, or if it’s the evening, when Ollie is extra fussy, Tony will make us dinner. Turns out he’s actually a great cook! Like I said, it’s difficult to find the time at the moment, but we’re making it work. I’m so proud of us for not just caving and getting take away, which is something we often did even before having a baby.


Unfortunately exercise this week has been limited. Partly due to the rain, partly due to Ollie being extra fussy, and partly due to my own laziness. I’ll admit, there have been moments when everything lined up for a successful walk and I’ve chosen not to go.

The walk I HAVE been on have been great, but sometimes Ollie gets fussy halfway through and a walk needs to be cut short or I need to take a break to settle him.


I’m happy to report that I’m down 1.8 kg from last Monday! My other measurements are still around the same, but physically I’m feeling good and less bloated. Today I’m wearing a pair of my pre pregnancy tights. They’re pretty snug, but if I continue on the path I’m on now, I’m sure they’ll be more comfortable in no time!

I’ve started putting bio oil on my stretch marks as well. I know they’ll lighten over time, but hopefully this will speed up that process a little.


I started spending some time thinking about my earlier years and what my have contributed to my poor relationship with food. I’m hoping that by digging out the why, I’ll then be able to figure out how to move forward. Classic therapy trick, right? Perhaps once I feel I’ve really nailed it all down I’ll share it on here, but I feel like I’m on the right track.

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