8 Week Postpartum Check In

Here we are in week 8. Oliver is still in his second leap, and this week has been much more challenging than the last. He’ll only sleep on my lap during the day, which means getting anything done is a struggle. My home for the last week has been the couch.

Nap Trapped


With Ollie going through his second developmental leap, my sleep has taken a hit. He’s still a pretty good sleeper, but he is definitely waking more and is harder to get back down.

I’ve averaged 7 hours of sleep a night, which is pretty good for a new parent, and I’ve averaged 2.5 hours awake through the night. His first feed normally takes about an hour, which means there’s another 1.5 hours where I’m in and out of bed. Some nights he’ll sleep for 2 or 3 hours between feeds after his first stretch, but other nights he wakes every hour after his first stretch. Those nights are challenging.


While I’m still eating healthier than I was previously, I indulged more than I’m proud of this week. I’m sure high stress was a contributor as I’m an emotional eater. I’ve been dealing with some personal stressors this week, and adding an inconsolable baby to that has been tough, so I’m not beating myself up, all I can do is move forward.

I’m making an effort to pay closer attention to my food by not eating while watching TV. Most of my meals are still on the couch as I’m normally trapped by a sleeping or feeding baby, but I’m trying to appreciate and enjoy my food more.

I’ve been making sugar free jello for dessert each night, and I’ve noticed that when I don’t have any jello, I have a craving for something sweet still at dinner. I think I’ll have to brainstorm some other healthy dessert options to have in the house for when my sweet tooth hits.


I’m still limited to walking only, but Tony and I have started talking Ollie for a morning walk. The circuit is 3.5 km, and it’s very hilly, so it’s pretty good aerobic exercise. We used to complete this same walk in 35 minutes before I was pregnant, so the first goal is to get back to that time. Today’s walk took 39 minutes, so I’ve got 4 to shave off.

I’ve also decided that I’m going to complete the Emily Sky Fit Postpartum Program once I’ve hit 12 weeks and am cleared for more intense exercise.


Not much to report here. Weight and measurements are basically the same as last week. I feel bloated and sluggish from my food choices in the last couple of days. On the bright side, my wedding rings are fitting much more comfortably, which means I’m making some sort of progress!


Too be honest, I haven’t spent a lot of time this week thinking about my relationship with food. My mind has been otherwise occupied, which I’m sure had contributed to my difficulty staying on track. Perhaps I should look for some techniques to help keep my goals front of mind for the future.

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