Health Benefits of Warm Lemon Water

I've heard many times that drinking warm lemon water every morning is good for you, and can actually help you lose weight! But what does it actually do? How does it actually help? Well, here's a quick rundown of the health benefits of drinking warm lemon water every morning!   Helps digestion by flushing the… Continue reading Health Benefits of Warm Lemon Water


Why You Should Have Set Weigh In Days

I'm one of those people that will weigh myself everyday, multiple times a day, and be disappointed when I don't see a change. Which is totally mental, of course there's not going to be a change in a matter of hours! But I'll continue to do it, and continue to be disappointed. Starting a new… Continue reading Why You Should Have Set Weigh In Days


Taking Photos

Taking photos is really important for tracking your progress. If you're exercising a lot, you'll be building muscle, which is more dense than fat. That means that the same weight of muscle will take up less volume than that of fat. So you may actually be getting smaller, losing fat, but not seeing much of… Continue reading Taking Photos


Making a Weight Loss Vision Board

Vision boards are great for motivation, and cheap and easy to make! You can hang it somewhere that you'll see it often, and where you'll see it before you start the day to give you the motivation to work towards your goals that day. Here are some of the things you'll need: - A bulletin… Continue reading Making a Weight Loss Vision Board


My Unexpected Experience With Weights

I’ve recently joined a gym and have had a few sessions with a personal trainer. This is great, because I’m doing exercises I wouldn’t normally do on my own, and I’m being pushed to work harder. Weight training isn’t something I’ve done much of before, but with my personal trainer by my side, I’m excited… Continue reading My Unexpected Experience With Weights

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Vegan For A Month – My Experience

So a month ago, actually, five weeks ago now, I decided to trial a vegan diet for a month. You can watch my original Vegan for 1 Week video here. Basically, I was so sick of feeling tired all of the time, and since I’ve tried almost every other diet out there, I figured I’d give… Continue reading Vegan For A Month – My Experience


Paragon Fitwear Tank Review

Paragon Fitwear is a relatively new company who sells, you guessed it, Fitwear! They have both a men’s and woman’s range, plus accessories. Their ethos revolves around intrinsic motivation (so motivation from within rather than from external sources) and the Three C’s: Challenge – Push yourself, accomplish your goals, and see your strengths develop. Choice… Continue reading Paragon Fitwear Tank Review