Kikki K Haul

For those of you who don’t know what Kikki K is, it’s a beautiful chain on stationary stores. Their style is very clean and organised, and reminds me a lot of Ikea. On top of the stationary they sell, they’ve started selling self-improvement workbooks, for many different topics. I recently popped into one of their… Continue reading Kikki K Haul


A Day of Lite N Easy

For those who don’t know, Lite N Easy is an Australian company that delivers calorie controlled meals straight to your house. I’m currently on the 1200 calorie meal plan, and I have my breakfast, lunch, and dinner all delivered. Some of the meals/ meal components are fresh, and some get microwaved, and it’s just the… Continue reading A Day of Lite N Easy


Massive Flavour, Small Impact! Spice Up Your Food!

The trick to staying on track with a healthy diet is to keep a good variety with food, and keep it tasting yummy! There’s nothing worse than eating the same bland meals over and over. Try adding these ingredients to your meals to spice up the flavour without adding too much sodium or calories! Vinegar… Continue reading Massive Flavour, Small Impact! Spice Up Your Food!


My Favorite Instagram Users to Follow for Motivation

Well, this post is exactly what the title says it is! Here are some of my favorite Instagram users that I follow for motivation! @KaylaItsines - Kayla is the infamous creator of the Bikini Body Guide   @BaseBodyBabes - This account is a duo who post amazing photos together @Steph_Pacca - This woman is just… Continue reading My Favorite Instagram Users to Follow for Motivation


Dear Fat Laura

This is a motivational tool I have suggested in a previous post, writing a letter to yourself. This letter is to my future fat self. At the rate I’ve gained weight over the last 7 years, if I were to continue for another 7 years I would be classified as obese at the age of 33.… Continue reading Dear Fat Laura