Exciting Changes at Becoming Beautiful Today!

Last month was a big milestone for Becoming Beautiful Today! It is the first month in its existence to have reached over 1000 views, more than double previous months! So in celebration, and to keep the view ball rolling, I got to thinking: What can I do to take my blog to the next level?… Continue reading Exciting Changes at Becoming Beautiful Today!


Staying Positive

I find that staying positive is the key to living a happy life. There are so many things that can bring you down; your own lack of motivation, other people’s negativity, or terrible world events. If you allow yourself to be brought down by everything negative around you, then you won’t stand a chance at… Continue reading Staying Positive


Super Simple Healthy Easter Snacks

  Today’s post is Super Simple Healthy Easter Snacks! Perfect for parties, kids, and anyone who wants to get into the Easter spirit, but doesn’t want to eat 2 tonnes of chocolate! The first snack is so easy! Just carrot coins and broccoli arranged into the shape of a carrot! This platter is so fast… Continue reading Super Simple Healthy Easter Snacks


Micellar Water vs Facial Wipes

For the last 7 years, I’ve been using the Cosmetics Plus Facial Wipes to clean my face every day. At a super cheap $2 per packet, I had a hard time justifying buying any other type of cleanser or wipe because they were so expensive, and I was a poor university student. Thanks to the… Continue reading Micellar Water vs Facial Wipes


15 Strategies to Staying Motivated

I find the key to staying motivated is to keep everything new and changing, new stuff is exciting! Staring at the same picture of a hot model does not work for me! Eventually, she just fades into the background, and I don’t even notice her anymore. So, to keep you motivated, try these tips, and… Continue reading 15 Strategies to Staying Motivated