Menu Hacks For Eating Healthy at Restaurants

It always happens, you start a diet, you’re going great and feeling motivated, and then for one reason or another, you have to eat out. This doesn’t mean you have to have the biggest greasiest cheeseburger on the menu! Here are some menu items and hacks to look out for to keep yourself on track!… Continue reading Menu Hacks For Eating Healthy at Restaurants


The Diary of a Beginner Runner

My internal thoughts and arguments as I ran my first 3.2km in 8 years! 100m - Okay, got my water, got my music, on my treadmill, feeling good. Let's do this! 500m - Heavy breathing, starting to sweat, still feeling good! I just ran half a kilometer, yay me! 1km - Alright, it's getting hot… Continue reading The Diary of a Beginner Runner


The Benefits of Different Tea

As we all know, tea can have many benefits, but what exactly are they, and what tea do we get them from? Green Tea ·         Interferes with the growth of many cancers, including; bladder; breast; lung; stomach; and pancreatic. ·         Prevents clogging arteries ·         Burns fat ·         Counteracts oxidative stress on the brain ·         Reduces the risk of disorders like… Continue reading The Benefits of Different Tea


Unani Micellar Water Review

One of my favourite products that I’ve received in the Lust Have It monthly beauty product boxes is Unani Micellar Water! I'd never heard of micellar water before, but now that I've tried it, there will be no going back! I used to use those cheap face wipes to remove my make up at night, and… Continue reading Unani Micellar Water Review


Staying Active and Healthy While Camping

With Easter Only 3 weeks away, it’s time to start making plans! One of the Easter favourites is camping, which means four days of sitting around the fire, continuously cooking your next meal, with a beer by your side. So how do you plan to stay active and healthy over your Easter camping trip? Healthy… Continue reading Staying Active and Healthy While Camping