Massive Flavour, Small Impact! Spice Up Your Food!

The trick to staying on track with a healthy diet is to keep a good variety with food, and keep it tasting yummy! There’s nothing worse than eating the same bland meals over and over. Try adding these ingredients to your meals to spice up the flavour without adding too much sodium or calories! Vinegar… Continue reading Massive Flavour, Small Impact! Spice Up Your Food!


Dear Fat Laura

This is a motivational tool I have suggested in a previous post, writing a letter to yourself. This letter is to my future fat self. At the rate I’ve gained weight over the last 7 years, if I were to continue for another 7 years I would be classified as obese at the age of 33.… Continue reading Dear Fat Laura


Motivational Ups and Downs

It’s funny how quickly motivation comes and goes. You can be there eating a big mac, and a beautiful woman walks by. She’s all done up, in her beautiful clothes, and her amazing body, and as she struts by you can just tell that she’s got it all together. She’s in control, and she’s making… Continue reading Motivational Ups and Downs


Non Scale Victories – They’re Just as Important

It’s important to measure your success in more ways than one. If all you’re doing is weighing yourself, you’ll be pretty discouraged when the number on the scales doesn’t change. Non scale victories are any changes for the better that can’t be measured with the scale! In the last few weeks, I’ve had a few… Continue reading Non Scale Victories – They’re Just as Important


Learning to Put in the Effort

I was a very lucky kid, I was smart, cute, and fit. I never had to try very hard at anything, I was just good at it. I always had good skin and never went through the horrors of a face full of pimples. I always had good grades without studying, and I ate whatever… Continue reading Learning to Put in the Effort