Planning Your Meals

Planning and preparation are key to staying on track. Once you've decided what your Nutrition course of actions is going to be (cutting calories, carbs, etc), the next step is to make your meal plan. Plan out all of your meals for the week, and then put each day into the My Fitness Pal app/… Continue reading Planning Your Meals


Choosing a Nutrition Plan

There are so many different eating plans and diets to choose from, sometimes it can be mind boggling. The important thing to do is to pick ONE plan, and stick to it. You can't mash a bunch of plans together and hope for the best. This is what I used to do when I knew… Continue reading Choosing a Nutrition Plan


12 Week Weight Loss Challenge!

The New Year is almost here, and what better way to start it off than with a New and Confident You! I’ve managed to convince some girlfriends to join me in a 12 Week Weight Loss Challenge, and as I started planning out the rules, and making motivational tools for us to use, I thought… Continue reading 12 Week Weight Loss Challenge!


My Unexpected Experience With Weights

I’ve recently joined a gym and have had a few sessions with a personal trainer. This is great, because I’m doing exercises I wouldn’t normally do on my own, and I’m being pushed to work harder. Weight training isn’t something I’ve done much of before, but with my personal trainer by my side, I’m excited… Continue reading My Unexpected Experience With Weights

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Vegan For A Month – My Experience

So a month ago, actually, five weeks ago now, I decided to trial a vegan diet for a month. You can watch my original Vegan for 1 Week video here. Basically, I was so sick of feeling tired all of the time, and since I’ve tried almost every other diet out there, I figured I’d give… Continue reading Vegan For A Month – My Experience