Negative Reinforcement

Last week I wrote about Positive Reinforcement to help you achieve your goals, but this week let's talk about the other end of the scale, Negative Reinforcement. As I'm sure you're aware, Negative Reinforcement is the concept of punishment for bad behavior, and sometimes we need to be held accountable for our actions when Positive… Continue reading Negative Reinforcement


Positive Reinforcement

Lets be honest, working towards a reward is fun. Sometimes our ultimate reward of losing weight and feeling good is a far way off, so adding in small incentives can be a great way help to boost your motivation. It's important to predetermine your rewards though. Simply saying, "I've been working hard, I deserve to… Continue reading Positive Reinforcement


My Latest Motivation!

I had a dream last night. It wasn’t an epic battle, or a visit from a loved one and I didn’t wake up having had an epiphany, or had my life changed. I had a dream that I looked in the mirror, and I was thin. I was nearly at my goal weight! I was… Continue reading My Latest Motivation!


Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide Weeks 5-8 Review

I’m in the home stretch now! On to the last month of the BBG, which means it’s time to review the last 4 weeks! I’m still absolutely loving it! I’m in a great routine now, and look forward to my workouts! The exercises have been switched up a bit and it’s kept it interesting (although… Continue reading Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide Weeks 5-8 Review


Get Motivated!

Do you ever wake up and you’re just not motivated to do anything? So you just sit in front of the TV, or computer, and you don’t get anything done that you wanted to get done? Welcome to my life. Below are 4 solutions that I’ve come up with to help you (and I) get motivated… Continue reading Get Motivated!