My Year on Herbalife

I'd been on Herbalife very briefly before, and it didn't go well. I felt terribly sick, and I only lasted a few days. After that, my opinion of it was very low. Then I met my boyfriend, Tony, who was on Herbalife. His Mom, Gordana, is a health coach for it. That means that she's… Continue reading My Year on Herbalife


Motivational Weight Loss Story: Woman Taking Charge

It's time for another Motivational Weight Loss Story! This one is from my cousin, Miranda. She's dealt with a lot in her life, and with many obligations to keep her busy, she still managed to achieve the amazing transformation that you'll see below. She's an absolute inspiration. Hello fellow readers! My name is Miranda, I… Continue reading Motivational Weight Loss Story: Woman Taking Charge


Low-Carb Food Replacements

There are many different meal plans and diets one can follow to lose weight. Cutting carbs is very popular, but it can be really difficult for a carb lover like me. When I'm trying to cut carbs, I find that tricking myself by eating carb-like foods really helps to keep me on track. Check out… Continue reading Low-Carb Food Replacements


Positive Reinforcement

Lets be honest, working towards a reward is fun. Sometimes our ultimate reward of losing weight and feeling good is a far way off, so adding in small incentives can be a great way help to boost your motivation. It's important to predetermine your rewards though. Simply saying, "I've been working hard, I deserve to… Continue reading Positive Reinforcement


Health Benefits of Warm Lemon Water

I've heard many times that drinking warm lemon water every morning is good for you, and can actually help you lose weight! But what does it actually do? How does it actually help? Well, here's a quick rundown of the health benefits of drinking warm lemon water every morning!   Helps digestion by flushing the… Continue reading Health Benefits of Warm Lemon Water


Why You Should Have Set Weigh In Days

I'm one of those people that will weigh myself everyday, multiple times a day, and be disappointed when I don't see a change. Which is totally mental, of course there's not going to be a change in a matter of hours! But I'll continue to do it, and continue to be disappointed. Starting a new… Continue reading Why You Should Have Set Weigh In Days


What Happens When You Quit Processed Sugar?

First off, lets define processed sugar. Processed sugar is any form of sugar that isn't naturally in fruits and vegetables. This includes candy, soft drink, cake, ketchup, BBQ sauce, and of course, plain sugar from the bag! So what happens to your body when you stop eating processed sugar? What Happens to Your Body? Risk… Continue reading What Happens When You Quit Processed Sugar?