Taking Photos

Taking photos is really important for tracking your progress. If you're exercising a lot, you'll be building muscle, which is more dense than fat. That means that the same weight of muscle will take up less volume than that of fat. So you may actually be getting smaller, losing fat, but not seeing much of… Continue reading Taking Photos


Finding the Exercise that’s Right for You

Exercise is something many people loathe, but it really doesn't have to be that way. The trick is to find something you really enjoy doing, and the way to do that is through trial and error. I've used workout DVDs, Youtube workouts, paid home workout plans, lots of cardio, personal trainers, and gym memberships and… Continue reading Finding the Exercise that’s Right for You


My Unexpected Experience With Weights

I’ve recently joined a gym and have had a few sessions with a personal trainer. This is great, because I’m doing exercises I wouldn’t normally do on my own, and I’m being pushed to work harder. Weight training isn’t something I’ve done much of before, but with my personal trainer by my side, I’m excited… Continue reading My Unexpected Experience With Weights


Paragon Fitwear Tank Review

Paragon Fitwear is a relatively new company who sells, you guessed it, Fitwear! They have both a men’s and woman’s range, plus accessories. Their ethos revolves around intrinsic motivation (so motivation from within rather than from external sources) and the Three C’s: Challenge – Push yourself, accomplish your goals, and see your strengths develop. Choice… Continue reading Paragon Fitwear Tank Review


My Personal Trainer

So yesterday I had my last free Personal Training Session with a woman named Alex. It went really well, and I’ve decided to keep going with her. She’s so fun and I feel like we have a lot in common, and I’m so excited to be working with her! Once I decided to continue, she… Continue reading My Personal Trainer