Free Fitness

Social media these days is just filled with what many people call, Rich Fitness. You know  what I'm talking about, thousands of workout outfits easily costing several hundred dollars, brand new running shoes that have obviously never touched the ground, electronic gadgets, and a gorgeous model with her hair and makeup perfectly done, who clearly… Continue reading Free Fitness


Christmas Workout Songs

Okay, if you're really in to Christmas... like, really in to it, you may be looking for even more ways to bring Christmas in to your life in the last week leading up to the day! Well, here's one I bet you haven't thought of yet! Working out to Christmas Songs! The tough part is,… Continue reading Christmas Workout Songs


Fitting Fitness Into a Busy Work Week

Getting fit is hard. Add in any excuse not to do it, and it's becomes exponentially harder. Many people live very busy lives, and fitting exercise in there seems almost impossible. These 4 tips will help you squeeze your workouts into your weekly routine! 1. Make it a Priority Seriously, make it a priority. Some… Continue reading Fitting Fitness Into a Busy Work Week


31 Day Pre-New Years Fitness Challenge

I’m setting a challenge for the month of December. That’s 31 days, starting either today or tomorrow depending where you live. You may or may not have noticed my absence here for the last 3 months. I let life get in the way, stopped posting, and eventually stopped working out. So, I’m kick starting my… Continue reading 31 Day Pre-New Years Fitness Challenge


Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide Weeks 5-8 Review

I’m in the home stretch now! On to the last month of the BBG, which means it’s time to review the last 4 weeks! I’m still absolutely loving it! I’m in a great routine now, and look forward to my workouts! The exercises have been switched up a bit and it’s kept it interesting (although… Continue reading Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide Weeks 5-8 Review


A Quick Thank You to My Workout Buddy!

I always knew that working out with a buddy helped me push a little harder, but today reminded me just how much better I do with a friend. I try to work out with a good friend of mine as often as we can. We push each other through our workouts, motivate each other when… Continue reading A Quick Thank You to My Workout Buddy!