Why You Should Have Set Weigh In Days

I’m one of those people that will weigh myself everyday, multiple times a day, and be disappointed when I don’t see a change. Which is totally mental, of course there’s not going to be a change in a matter of hours! But I’ll continue to do it, and continue to be disappointed. Starting a new 12 Week Challenge, I’ve decided to only weigh myself on pre-determined weigh in days. For me, that’s once a fortnight.

Well, I’m five days in, and I haven’t weighed myself except for my initial weigh in. It’s hard, because I’m eating really well, and working out hard, and I really want to see if I’m making progress, but so far I’ve refrained. I feel like it’s giving me extra motivation to stay on track, like if I cave and eat poorly, it’ll mess up my weigh in.

I also feel really excited for my weigh in, and it pushes me to work harder to get the best results I can. Where as when I was weight myself everyday, I had the mind set of one day I’ll work really hard or if I eat bad today, I just won’t weigh myself today, and I’ll start again tomorrow. It’s so silly, I know that weight loss is something that happens slowly over time, yet there I was, expecting instant results, and when they didn’t come, I would use that as a green light to do whatever I wanted for a few days, and then just keep repeating the cycle.

Having a scheduled weigh in gives me something to look forward to, and work towards, and if I don’t make a difference this weigh in, I’ll have to wait a whole fortnight for the next one. It’s making me work hard RIGHT NOW and stay on track to see my results!
So give it a try, set your weigh in dates, and don’t touch the scales until then, and see if it helps with your motivation like it has for me! You can even put your scales away if seeing them will tempt you to step on!

x Laura

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